Boston : The Salty Pig


Salty Pig

Not much guessing is required to figure out what you’ll be eating at the Salty Pig. Charcuterie options take up half the weekend brunch menu, and the other half includes breakfast, salad and sandwich options, most of which incorporate slices of meats, and/or bold cheeses.  Of course, for those boozy-brunch-inclined, the cocktail menu isn’t long, but is unique, and has season appropriate offerings.

While the patio looked wonderful for the warm June weather, I opted for a bar seat that offering plain view of the open kitchen, and pleasant conversation with the bartender. The ambiance is fun, casual, and all the servers were lovely.

I started with an order of porchetta ( pork shoulder), which was served with some crostini, a grainy mustard and a small pile of sliced pickles. The meat was sliced paper thin, and sprinkled lightly with fleur de sel, and a drizzle of oil. I’m used to meat platters being served with little cornichons, but I cant say that I didn’t enjoy these. Not very sour, and a little bit sweet, the pickles were juicy while still offering a satisfying crunch. The meal was definitely off to a great start.

Salty Pig

Unfortunately, my enjoyment of the meal took a steep nosedive. The escarole salad was scattered with hot peppers, hardboiled eggs, lightly pickled radishes, and cubes of provolone. Tossed in a bowl before plating, the heavier toppings to the salad (read:everything) sunk under the greens, and I would have preferred the cheese like that to be grated, sliced or shaved over the salad as a biting directly into a harder, stronger cheese like a provolone isn’t ideal. All in all, the dish seemed like a poor attempt at a nicoise salad.


With great ambiance and a unique cocktail menu, Salty Pig is a great place for drinks and a snack. However, it wouldn’t be a go-to for a proper meal.

At the end of the day, 3 hedgehogs out of 5.


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